I’m so excited and honored to share that I was recently a guest on an episode of the Don’t Count Me Out podcast.

The hosts, Jo Ann and Brad, and I discuss my background in choosing occupational therapy, the benefits of teletherapy for stroke survivors, and the creation of free/low-cost resources for survivors.

Talking Points & Quotes

  • “Having the lived experience of seeing someone you love very much go through such a traumatic experience, feeling that trauma yourself…very much informed how I moved forward.” —Elyse
  • “What do you suggest for someone living alone without help?” —Jo Ann
  • “Sometimes you gotta ask for what you need, and sometimes it takes you following up with your insurance company. If they hear enough people asking for it, they’ll listen.” —Brad
  • “My goal is to help you be more successful, whatever that means to you, in the things you want and need to do every day. My goal is to take a very holistic perspective.” —Elyse

I hope you enjoy the episode. Thanks for watching!