I’m so excited and honored to share that I was recently a guest on two podcast episodes of The Hand-in-Hand Show from Strokefocus.

The host, Cam, and I discuss what changed my perspective on stroke rehab, why holistic care is so necessary, and how I’m trying to provide non-traditional, high-quality resources for survivors.

Talking Points & Quotes

Episode 1

  • “That experience completely shifted my perspective and that’s what started opening my eyes to…how could I create change?”
  • “I believe that our healthcare system is broken. As someone who’s worked in it, and had issues in getting certain types of care myself.”
  • “The focus on mental and emotional health also needs to be at the forefront of rehab. Because it’s (a stroke) a completely traumatic event.”
  • “I’m 8 and ½ years out, and I’m still making progress!”

Episode 2

  • “What can a survivor or a survivor’s family do to ensure they’re receiving high-quality therapy?”
  • “How do you use teletherapy for stroke survivors?”
  • “My goal is to have free and low-cost resources.”
  • “I want to make sure that survivors have a place that they can go where they know they’re going to be getting good, high-quality information.”

I hope you enjoy the episodes. Thanks for listening!